For most of his adult life, Neville Jayaweera had enjoyed high visibility both at home and abroad. From his present standpoint however, Jayaweera confesses that his high visibility life was just tinsel and fluff, and cites it only as a gateway to another reality.

The alternative reality Jayaweera speaks of, is one of profound depth and substance, but one that can be accessed here and now, by anyone who is prepared to “let go” and diligently seek it.

The foundation of this blog is the claim that the everyday world of the five senses, characterised by horrible imperfections, cannot possibly be the handiwork of an all-loving and perfect Creator. It claims that another world, devoid of those imperfections, and characterised by Love, Joy and Peace, and by Truth, Righteousness, and Justice, already exists, and that men and women of God, and all great spiritual Masters and mystics, have testified to it for over two millennia. They cannot all be hallucinating.

Jayaweera says that we do not have to die before we access that world, but that it can be experienced by us, here and now, and translated into our world, right where we are!

Spiritual masters and mystics are not alone in claiming that the world of our five senses is not the whole truth. Quantum Physicists tell us that only 5% of the Universe is accessible to our five senses, and that the balance 99.5% of the Universe, being beyond the five senses, remains inaccessible even to science.

Jayaweera insists that all our problems, whether personal or societal, are only the outworking of a hidden malaise, and that unless we address that malaise first, our efforts at solving problems will be to no avail, because what is hidden will keep regurgitating in different forms.

He likens his high profile life in the world to a squirrel whirring away furiously inside his cage, unaware that it was in fact going nowhere, until in mid life he was awakened to the futility of his exertions.

Through this blog Jayaweera wants to share with the world how he obtained his release from the squirrel cage, and how others too may escape from their respective cages.

However, he emphasizes that escaping from the cage is not to hide from the world, but to be better able to transform it, utterly and radically, by laying the axe to the trunk.

We lay the axe to the trunk not through the world’s conventional strategies, but through a strategy derived from a wholly different reality. This blog is a record of Jayaweera’s experience working with the latter strategy for over three decades.

Jayaweera sees himself as the beggar, who upon being healed of his blindness by Jesus of Nazareth, ran through town shouting,

" I was once blind, but now I see" ( John 9:25 )

How Jayaweera was healed of his blindness, and the ensuing turn-around of his life is the story line of this blog. Hence its title:

"From the Unreal to the Real"